Agricultural pallets


These pallets are made for different types of agricultural products, like cabbage, tomatoes, peppers… Most used size is 1200 x 1000 mm, but the order and number of the deck boards varies.
There are 9 square blocks that support it.
Dimension: 100x120cm



Transporting fruits and vegetables with wooden pallets it is the most hygienic, eco-friendly and economical option on the market due to its weight-to-resistance ratio, these are the most versatile for the storage and distribution process due to its size and design, in turn has capabilities to accumulate atmospheric Co2 and is a material with bactericidal properties.
While this is the best option for fruit transport, it has been related to the spread of pests by microbes that can adhere to it, however.
The pallets can be treated as ISPM 15 standard and can be used for export good all over the world.