EPAL wooden pallet


The Euro Pallet, also called the EPAL pallet or EPAL Euro Pallet, is most commonly used pallet and its an essential carrier for a large part of the logistics sector. There are some 450 to 500 million (!) units of this pallet in circulation every day, and not without reason. The pallet is robust, reliable, repairable and readily available in the quantity you require.
Dimension: 80х120cm



The EUR-pallet, also known as Euro-pallet or EPAL-pallet, is the standard European pallet as specified by the European Pallet Association (EPAL). Pallets conforming to the standardization are eligible for the European Pallet Pool (EPP), the system which allows for an exchange as “pallet for pallet”.
The EUR/EPAL-pallet is 1,200 mm × 800 mm × 144 mm. It is a four-way pallet made of wood that is nailed with 78 special nails in a prescribed pattern. The weight of a EUR/EPAL-pallet (EPAL 1) is approx. 25 kg.
The safe working load of a EUR/EPAL-pallet is 1,500 kg. The maximum additional load can be up to 4,000 kg when stacking.