Which Wooden Storage Product Is Right For Your Company?

Often, companies don’t think their storage solutions should be at the top of their priority list. Many don’t spend too much time pondering transportation and logistics, either. 

But these aspects are crucial if you want to be quick and effective. Thus, choosing the right storage solution can greatly impact your operations. 

If you haven’t given this much thought until today, we’ll guide you through different wood products, explore their unique features, and help you determine which one is right for your load. And since we have all the most popular options on the market, you’ll surely find what you need. 

Why Do You Need Wooden Storage Solutions?

If you have a warehouse – you need storage to stack and organize your products. 

With goods constantly moving in and out, it’s no surprise that things can quickly become chaotic and messy. And when things get messy, efficiency suffers, employees get burnt out, and clients lose patience. 

But these challenges aren’t a life sentence. Namely, implementing proper storage solutions like wooden pallets and creates can help keep warehouses organized and easily navigable. 

Plus, since wood is durable and can withstand rough handling during transportation, it’s the ideal foundation for stacking goods and minimizing the risk of collapses or accidents. Additionally, wooden storage products are versatile and lend well to customization according to specific load requirements, regardless of whether you need a standard pallet or a specialized crate.  

Which Wood Storage Products Are Good for Your Load?

Luckily, you won’t struggle with a lack of choice – with the variety of options available, you can be as picky as you want. 

Here are some reasons why you may decide to choose one wooden storage solution over the others: 


Wooden collars are the most recent addition to our arsenal and come in standard sizes of 1200×800 cm. This size aligns well with EUR pallet specifications, but if needed, we can make them smaller (600×800 cm) or larger (1200×1000 cm) for your load. 

Collars are most commonly found in agriculture, pharmaceuticals, and retail because they’re stackable, collapsable, and can easily fit into each other. 

One-Way Pallets

One-way pallets, despite their name, can be used many times because of its durability. Our one-way wooden pallets are great for international shipments, as they have the needed HT certificate and were manufactured to abide by rigid standards. 

These pallets come in handy during both the transportation of goods and storage in the warehouse. Sizes may vary as they are not standardized. 

Agricultural Pallets

As the name suggests, these pallets are the ideal option for transporting fruits and vegetables because they’re hygienic, eco-friendly, and economical. Sizes may vary, but the most commonly used one is 100×120 cm with 9 square blocks supporting the deck boards. 

Additionally, the material has bactericidal properties and can accumulate atmospheric CO2. These pallets can also be treated as ISPM15 standard for worldwide export. 

Two-Way Stinger Pallets

Two-way or double-faced wooden pallets are a great option for heavy loads. They can carry significantly more weight since they’re made with sleds instead of square supporting pieces. This means the weight is distributed evenly across the pallet. 

Additionally, since the pallet is double-faced, you can use them on either side without compromising your load. 

EUR and EPAL Wooden Pallets

The EUR/EPAL pallets are the most commonly used wooden pallets across industries. This is so because they’re robust, reliable, repairable, and readily available in any quantity. The RUR pallet is the standard European pallet specified by the European Pallet Association (EPAL) and conforms to its standardization. 

These wooden pallets come in a size of 1200x800x144 mm and can hold up to 1,500 kg, or 4,000 kg when stacked. These pallets are accepted everywhere, so they’re the go-to for international transport.  

Wood Crates

Wooden crates are best used for transporting or storing large and heavy items. These wooden containers offer sturdy protection for goods and cost-effective packaging when not in use. Wood creates can also be customized to fit specific product dimensions and ensure a secure fit during transportation. 

Additionally, they’re compliant with international shipping standards and are environmentally sustainable. 

Wood Box Pallets 

Companies often refer to wood box pallets as bulk containers because they’re made specifically for shipping and handling goods. Wood box pallets consist of a pallet base with sides and sometimes a lid, forming a box-like structure. 

These pallets are often used in industries like agriculture, food and beverage, and logistics because of their versatility. Plus, they’re ideal for transporting bulky or irregularly shaped items that may not fit on standard pallets.


Wooden Boxes

Wooden boxes are common storage solutions and are useful for a wide range of industries. They come in various sizes and are used for storage, transportation, and even display. The wooden boxes you’ll find at Gama Design consist of 4 sturdy sides, a base, and a removable lid for various types of storage. 

Depending on the demand, we can produce them in many varieties and according to specified requirements. 

Finishing Thoughts 

The right storage and transportation solution will significantly impact your business. Wooden pallets, boxes, and crates play a critical role in ensuring efficiency and effectiveness. 

Choosing the right option for your business will ensure the safety of your goods, maximize your storage space, and minimize damage during transport. 

So, after exploring the unique features of our wood products, you can make informed decisions that will enhance your operations. With such a range of options on the market, finding the perfect one for you has never been easier. 

And if you need any additional help or advice, we’re just a call away

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