5 Reasons to Use Wooden Crates In Your Business

Who are the unsung heroes of the packaging world? 

If you answered anything other than wooden crates, you’d be wrong. 

Well-made wooden crates offer unparalleled strength, versatility, and sustainability for a wide range of shipping and storage needs. 

But as it seems, many businesses are still turning a blind eye to the benefits spilling out from wooden crates. And it’s no surprise that as a result of this neglect, many companies report receiving damage claims or witness freight costs rising with each quarter. 

Luckily, it’s never too late to turn to the bright side. Especially when you have a wealth of information at your fingertips, including this blog about all things wooden crates. 

Ready to learn more about these multipurpose wooden storage and shipping solutions? 

Read on.


What Are Wooden Crates?

Wooden crates are containers many companies use for shipping and storing goods. While they come in many different shapes and sizes, most wooden crates contain wood slats that are strong and durable enough to protect the contents.

You can find wooden crates in any industry, including agriculture, manufacturing, and logistics for transporting different products and equipment. Depending on the specific application, they can transport both heavy and delicate items. 


5 Reasons Why You Need Wooden Crates

Whether you’re transporting heavy machinery, delicate glassware, or perishable goods, wooden crates provide the durability and protection your company needs to ensure your products arrive at their destination safely. 

Besides this, there are 5 other prominent benefits of using wooden crates for your shipments:


They’re Strong and Secure 

Wooden crates are useful for all kinds of businesses because they’re sturdy. Their secure construction provides excellent protection for your goods during transit and ensures they arrive in good condition. Your shipments are constantly under mechanical stress during transportation, so you need solutions that will handle the load and alleviate the pressure. 

If you’ve been using other types of boxes or crates, you know how easily many crush or break. On the other hand, wooden crates offer a high level of durability because they have solid panels and reinforced corners that prevent damage from impacts and rough handling.

Besides this, all wooden crates from Gama Design have an ISPM 15 certificate that ensures they’ve been treated to kill any bugs or fungi. 

They’re Versatile 

Your manufacturer can customize your wooden crates to suit your specific needs. This means you’ll get exactly what you need whenever you need it. Wooden crates come in various sizes and shapes and can be easily modified with features like handles, hinges, and removable panels. 

This versatility makes these wooden products adaptable to different storage and shipping requirements. So, regardless of whether you’re transporting machinery, furniture, or produce, you can tailor your wooden crates to meet certain specifications. In turn, this will make them useful for a wide range of applications. 


They’re Sustainable 

Like all other wooden packaging solutions, wooden crates are an environmentally friendly packaging option. Wood is a renewable resource, so wooden crates can be reused and recycled, reducing waste and environmental impact altogether. If you swing the other way, plastic crates take hundreds of years to decompose. So, although cheaper in the short term, these crates will harm the planet and cost thousands eventually. 

Wooden crates are biodegradable, so you can dispose of them when they start looking worse for wear without feeling guilty. As a result, you’ll ensure your packaging choice supports responsible forestry practices and keeps your shipments safe and secure. 


You Need More Control 

When you’re packing and shipping your products to another destination, you probably trust the people in your company to take care of the load. But while your employees do their job well, the same can’t be said when your products leave your facility. Unfortunately, you have little idea how your shipments are being handled outside the bounds of your company. 

Wooden crates can provide a level of protection and security that other packaging materials can’t. Consequently, you’ll ensure your products are well-protected during shipping and reduce the risk of damage or loss. And if you can seal your crates with locks or tamper-evident seals, you’ll have peace of mind until the moment your shipment reaches its destination. 


You Have Fragile Products 

If you’re shipping fragile or delicate products, marking them as “fragile” might not be the fool-proof solution you hope it to be. The only way to ensure your shipment’s protected is to pack it in sturdy packaging that ensures safe transport and storage. This build will provide a buffer against shocks and impacts and eliminate the risk of damage. 

For added security, you can even line your wooden crates with cushioning materials such as foam or bubble wrap. So, even if you’re shipping glassware or artwork, you can be sure that wooden shipping solutions will safeguard your products. 

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